Frequently Asked Questions.
Hopefully We Have Your Answer.
What do I need to do to start riding?
We require that you be at least 21 years of age to rent with a valid and good standing driver's license as well as major CC in your name.  If you are under 21 please contact KC ScooTours and under circumstances you may be able to rent.
I live in the Kansas City area, is a tour or ride right for me ?
Both options are great depending on your needs. When you’re looking for fun things to do in KC, you’ve definitely come to the right place!  Bring your friends and come have an adventure to remember.

Scooting is the new way to experience KC!

Our tours are designed for tourists as well as local residents! You will have such a fun and new experiences at places that may be very familiar to you and learn hidden facts that you never knew about the area.

Scoot Tip: Tours are also a great option when you have visitors in town looking for fun things to do!

Can we book a private tour for more than 4 guests?
At this time, we cannot accept private tours for anything larger than a party of 4.  Your safety is our number 1 priority and we feel that 4 is the manageable group number for our tour guides while on the road.  If you have experience riding we may allow doubling up on a scooter to accommodate a larger group.  PP rates will still apply.
What is included on my tour or ride?
All experiences include:

  • 49CC Scooter
  • Helmets
  • Training on how to operate the scooters
  • Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable guide(s)
  • Locks for your scooter
  • Protective eyewear
  • Guided and private tours will have additional items provided



Do I need a motorcycle license?
No.  All of our scooters are 49CC and will not go any faster than 35mph.  You will need to be comfortable riding a bicycle and have a current valid US drivers license for car.

What happens if I just do not feel comfortable after the scooter training and practice laps?
We are patient and we’ll let you take as long as you like to feel comfortable riding a scooter in our parking lot. If we don’t think you will be safe, we will refuse to let you go. This happens very seldom and it happens only to people who have not ridden a bicycle recently.

What if I have never ridden a scooter?
It is extremely important to remember that a scooter is still an operational moving vehicle and your safety is our priority.  Our Vespa inspired scooters are extremely heavy and if you do not have experience riding or not 100% comfortable on a bike, this is probably not for you.  Our individualized scootorial will teach you about the operation of the scooter in only a few minutes. We then let you practice riding as long as you want in order to feel comfortable. Your time will not begin until you are sure you will be safe.
What if there is bad weather the day I have reservations?
Kansas City weather is extremely unpredictable and your safety is our priority.  If we feel the roads will be hazardous and unsafe we will not let you go and reschedule.  If it is cold, we just recommend that you bundle up. In the spring and summer, there may be rain showers where you choose to pull over to wait. If the day is likely to be constant rain rather than scattered showers, we will work with you to reschedule.
Where do we meet you?
Exact meeting location will be provided upon purchase of tickets.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
You must wear our provided DOT helmets.  Eyewear must also be worn while riding.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes we require a $250 deposit on every scooter that is rented regardless of whether it is a guided tour, private tour or rental.  A credit card hold will be placed on your card at the time of rental or tour.
Can you ride double on a scooter?
We will allow this ONLY if you are an experienced rider.  No exceptions.  There will be an additional $20 charge for additional rider on rentals only.  If you wish to double up on guided tour, ticket price is per person.
Can I use my credit card for someone else?
Only if they have the same last name.
Can I get a refund if I return my scooter early?
Unfortunately, no.  Because it is paid for in advance we have reserved that time and availability for you.  We encourage you to be adventurous and see as much as you can of Kansas City!
Do you also sell mopeds?
In a perfect world!  We believe everyone looks cuter on a scooter so if you are wishing to purchase one of the beauties: Gekgo Worldwide is the place to go.  (Let them know we sent you!)
We have taken scooter tours while on vacation before and have always stopped somewhere for a cocktail. Can we do that here?

Absolutely NOT!  We understand you are on vacation and would like to kick back and enjoy yourself but alcohol and driving do not mix and is against the law.  We will be more than happy to offer up several suggestions for happy hour once you are done with your rental or tour.